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Make a memorable event with ease. L’Arbre à… requires little preparation and can be deployed rapidly in large metropolitan areas such as Miami, Montreal and elsewhere in North American regions. Easily manipulated, they are positioned in the environment of your events by our team and ready to use. The LED totem comes with a multifunctional remote control that changes the colors and speeds of the colored light you are attempting to acquire. The presentation of food or cocktail are also available to order and delivered with L’Arbre à.



The Swiss Totem team, can assist you in the selection and implementation of a tasteful service that is both elegant and original. The shaft can be equipped with a stove / pot, ice, a serving bowl, hard Styrofoam for-- service wand--, and more

L’Arbre à… was originally intended for cheese fondue served with wine. Over time L’Arbre à… has adapted to the fast paced motions of the world and is now used for chocolate fondue, caviar and vodka, oysters and champagne, sushi and sake, sangria, grilled fruit, baguette and so much more. The only limit is your imagination!

We ensure that your shuffleboard purposes are delighted and that our tree is presented to you in impeccable service.

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Event Planning:

With a wealth of event experience and a strong network of partners, the Swiss Totem team can assist you in making your event. We can plan with you and your partner the elements that will make the magic and success of your special event. Whether it’s a corporate event, private party, cocktail, evening party, wedding, golf tournaments, promotional event, and more, we will ensure that it is a success

Enjoy the creativity and professionalism of Swiss Totem to plan and create a clean atmosphere to your event and awaiting guests. The environment, hospitality, taste, presentation, style, colors, personality of our staff, quality of services, quantities, atmosphere are available elements that we simmered with you to produce a memorable event.


Promotions and Sponsorship:

L’Arbre à… takes the bright color or light you want to give it. It will attract your guests to it as they meet to share a common hors d'oeuvre and or cocktail. We can customize and brand your logo directly on your totem. This is a fantastic support for your campaigns, let us offer you a simple and cost effective marketing program to showcase your trademarks or those of your sponsors.

--Tour Promotion: L'arbre à… has its carrying bag and fits in most car trunks. In addition to being very light, it is ideal to have a bite with or to hold a new bottle of your wine.--

Golf Tournament: Deploy trees on each of the 18 departures and give your partner the chance to sponsor a tree and customize the service of their choice and, if desired, the hostess who will represent them.

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