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The Concept of L’arbre À...for the Americas

The idea of L’Arbre à... fondue came in 2007 during the final of the 32nd America's Cup in Valencia: a "tree" to enjoy the fondue stand, bread, bottle and glasses hanging from the "branches" .

ASK: The "Defender Bar", thousands of supporters of the Swiss challenge were able to enjoy fondue and standing over a ton of cheese is gone! In addition to being friendly, fondue has become fun and a new mode of consumption trend seen the day

Since then, the phenomenon has won all latitudes and now everyone around the world can enjoy fondue standing inside and out, and in a friendly atmosphere with L'Arbre à ... fondue.

The usability of L'Arbre à… fondue was so successful that today the concept of the tree is also used for tapas, seafood, cocktails and many other creative ideas.


What is L'arbre À…?

A new concept of food stalls taking roots on your decks!

L’Arbre à…, when the concepts of sharing and conviviality make sense. With its practical and functional design, you are assured to enjoy your new equipment. L’Arbre à... is ideal for a buffet or appetizer buffet. Enjoy tapas, seafood and cold cuts, with the "high bar" innovative. Give your event a touch of freshness and originality. It’s ergonomic and requires very little maintenance. You can use L’Arbre à … indoors and outdoors with storage points on the trunk to keep readily available to guests, bottles, glasses or plates. It artfully combines practicality and aesthetics, with a sleek design, and promises to enjoy warm and convivial .

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L’Arbre à... How is it used?

Have you ever eaten on a tree? Swiss Totem did. The concepts innovative original design is an object with multiple uses. Different routes can easily accommodate glasses and dishes to organize an aperitif with tapas, sushi, caviar, a special meal or a seafood fondue. Unleash your desires!